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Quintin Jardine's Oz Blackstone is a movie actor trying to forget that he was ever a "private inquiry agent". He styles himself 'the luckiest man on the planet' and he's not afraid of the ties that bind. Having survived two marriages, one of which ended in tragedy and the other in acrimony, he is now happily settled with Susie Gantry, his ideal woman.

Not that his new-found domestic bliss stops him from getting wrapped up ... usually against his own best instincts ... in some pretty interesting cases, involving among other things, a cross-continent murder involving a touring band of professional wrestlers from the States, the authenticity of a previously undiscovered Dali masterpiece, the kidnapping of a major Hollywood star, dead squatters on the rugged Costa Brava, and dirty work involving Susie's construction business.

With the publication of For the Death of Me the series now runs to 9 books, click on the appropriate link to the left for a synopsis of each novel.


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